Beneath the sea

2018, video Full HD,
13’02’’, 16:9, stereo, loop

Experimental documentary film shot at Boulby Underground Laboratories located near the small town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea (North Yorkshire, UK). Lying 3500 feet under the Earth’s surface, the laboratories occupy some of the underground tunnels originally excavated in the 1960s as part of a potash mine. The location was chosen because at this depth there is no interference from natural background radiation that could cause malfunctions for technical apparatus and precision instruments.

The laboratories host a series of advanced scientific researches on outer space, including experiments on Dark Matter, the study of organisms that can survive in a salt-rich environment - supposedly to be found on planets outside the solar system - and Mars’ rovers tests.

The viewers slowly discover how the mine’s dark galleries have been transformed into highly advanced scientific research spaces. The audio track highlights the sounds of machines and tools mingling with the voices of scientists working in the laboratories. This peculiar scientific research centre emerges as an enclosed area, a capsule located beyond conventional time and space.

The film was screened at the 2019 Hazel Eye Film Festival (USA) and presented as a cinematographic installation during an open studio event at Boghossian Foundation (Bruxelles, BE) in the summer 2020.

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