/ catalogue

A catalogue will be published by the end of the year, featuring a series of essays and interviews conducted by the artists with astrophysicists and cosmologists throughout the world.
With featured contributions by

Prof. Phillip Warnell
Professor of Audio-Visual Arts,
LUCA School of Arts,
University of Leuven, Belgium
Professorial Fellow
UCA University College of Arts (UK)

Prof. Nick Campion
"Above the Earth",
University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UK)

Dr. Tessa Baker
"The intrinsic brightness of something"
Oxford University (UK)

Prof. Rogier Davies
"Physical entities of outer space" 
Oxford University (UK)

Prof. Jay Farihi
"Hidden in the stars"
University College London (UK)

Prof. Richard Ellis
"The first light that ever shone" 
University College London (UK)

Prof. Bryan Gillis
"Engineering The Universe" 
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (UK)

Mr. Clive Davenhall
"Digital Skies"
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (UK)

The catalogue will be published by a+m bookstore (Milan, IT).

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