/ exhibitions
& talks

  • “Away from Here”, solo exhibition, Nottingham Contemporary/Nottingham University (UK) march 2020

  • “The Quintessence”, online talk at Fondazione Modena Arti Visvie (IT) May 2020

  • “The Wonder”, Open Studio, Boghossian Foundation (BE), August 2020

  • “The Quintessence”, screening at Vision Du Reél Film Festival, Nyon, (CH, media library, April 2021

  • “About outer space”, Max Planck Institute (Munich, DE), April 2021

  • “Away From Here” The Visibile Institute, Kingston University (UK), May 2021

  • “The Quintessence”, world premiere, Sheffiled DocFest, UK, June 2021

  • “How images of space tell a story”, talk at Scuola di Alta Formazione, Fondazione Modena Arti Visive (IT), June 2021

  • “The Quintessence”, solo exhibition, Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, IT, July 2021

  • “Orders of Signification”, Stanley Picker Gallery, UK, October 2021 (online)

  • “The Quintessence”, Project Anywhere, Parsons, the New School (USA)- Melburne University (Australia), November 2021.

  • “Future Perfect” video installation and talk, MAMBO, Bologna (IT), November 2021.

  • “About the Night”, Marseille Observatory (F), October 2021