Heavenly bodies

5 collages
White wooden frame
70 x 100 cm each

A series of collages produced with images collected from online and physical libraries, archives, star atlases and scientific publications. The images represent space objects such as stars and galaxies, planets and constellations, supernovae explosions and black holes - along with telescopes and optical instruments used to observe and study the universe.

Clashing visual combinations bring together old and new practices of sky observation. Shots of scientists and engineers calibrating instruments and conducting high precision experiments are combined with images of ancient rites evoking the cosmic drama of gods and goddesses dominating the Heavens and deciding the fate of humans on Earth. This combination stresses how throughout the centuries humanity has looked at the sky in different ways, generating unique stories and explanations for the phenomena observed in outer space.
The collages have been presented mounted on white wooden frames as part of the exhibition Away from Here held at Studio 548 at the Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, F).

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