Into the night

4 lightboxes
70 x 120 cm each

Series of four collages mounted on lightboxes. The collages have been created from scanned glassplates discovered at Harvard Astrophotographic Collection (Harvard University, USA). These images have been printed on photographic paper and subsequently re-scanned through a process of de-contextualization. The resulting prints have been superimposed with reproductions of constellations and star spectra, in order to generate unique, multilayered images.

This artistic process highlights how the knowledge we possess about the universe is multilayered, constructed on the observations and theories proposed throughout the centuries by different human cultures. Very much as an archeological excavation, these artworks bring to light multiple representations of outer space as historical strata sedimented through time. Ancient legends about cosmic events gave space to Renaissance’s astronomy, which in turn lead to the Enlightenment era of scientific discoveries and, more recently, to quantum mechanics and advanced theories on dark matter.

Mounted on lightboxes, these large-dimension prints act as a charged surface, enabling universal light travelling through space to be re-activated by man-made light. Photons originated from nuclear reactions are captured on photographic glassplates and brought to life by the lightboxes’ tungsten bulbs. whose chemical components are also originated in the dense and hot core of stars. In a neverending circle, starlight generates new light, which spreads images of outer space back to the universe were they came from.

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