The Beyond

Archive footage,
3-channel video, 7’ 10’’ each
Full HD, 16:9, stereo, loop
Variable dimensions

A three-screen installation conceived as an environmental projection. Running simultaneously, the two screens present rare 1950s and 1960s archival footage of astronauts training for space missions. The images are accompanied by audio extracts from an interview conducted with Prof. Edward Kontar (Glasgow University, UK) reflecting on the material, philosophical and ethical implications of space exploration.

Through montage, images of astronauts training are combined with shots of technical apparatus, calibrating instruments and outdoors test locations, generating a reciprocal exchange between inside and outside, inner and outer landscapes. The use of archival footage recalls 1950s and 1960s sci-fi movies and evokes compelling narratives about the human effort to explore outer space. Old film reels act as a powerful metaphor of how technology evolves and changes with time. While the archival images emerged from a documentary purpose, through de-contextualization they acquire new meanings, and generate a poetic homage to [human] exploratory missions of outer space.

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