To the wonder

Film, 7’42’’
Found footage,
7’42’’, 16:9, silent, loop

A silent experimental film presenting archival footage of multiple American and Soviet failed unmanned rocket-launches. The archival footage used for this piece has not been widely circulated in the mainstream media and was discovered through a detailed online research, after multiple and unsuccessful attempts to contact NASA space agency enquiring about its film archive.

In each shot the camera follows the rockets crossing the sky towards the upper layer of the atmosphere until something goes abruptly wrong and the rockets explode, shattering debris in mid air. There is no clear information about the location or date of the documented explosions, however from certain aesthetic quality we can infer the footage was recorded between the 1950s and 1990s. No voiceover or off-screen commentary describes the images or tells a story, leaving the viewers to find their own interpretation for what they are looking at.

The footage’s elusive nature generates a reflection on how trials and mistakes are pivotal for the development of scientific research shaped through the monumental human effort to bring mankind a little closer to the stars.

After its premiere at the Cité Internationale des Arts, the film has been screened at Videoproject Film Festival (Angers and Nantes, F) and Odaaqq Film Festival (online screening).

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