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Throughout the three year research process, a series of multimedia artworks have been developed. Collages, photographs, experimental films and site-specific installations explore the visual imaginary of outer space and the construction of contemporary astrophysical knowledge from sky observation.

At the initial research stage the artist has conducted a vast survey of past and present representations of outer space through online and physical open source libraries and archives. Subsequently she produced extensive audio-visual documentation in several astrophysics research centers and observatories in Europe and the USA. The material thus collected has been employed in multiple artworks presented as site-specific exhibitions and video installations.

Through artistic practice the domain of astrophysics is explored as an evolving system, which evades the fixity of truth-encompassing statements.

As the research tests how and to what effect artistic practice can generate new and original insight on the modalities through which astrophysics represents and narrates itself, the related artworks act as a series of experiments looking at subjects (outer space visual representations, research labs), agents (scientists, technological apparatus) and contexts (theoretical frameworks of reference) and demonstrate the tension between the visible and the invisible shaping the present development of cognitive-visual knowledge about outer space.

Films, photographs and site-specific installations act as charged surfaces in which multiple gazes - those of the artist, the scientists and the viewers - come together due to the unifying action of universal light travelling through space. Visual representations of the universe emerge as complex narratives constructed through the combined agency of technological apparatus and human intervention.